To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

Great Success

Four big things yesterday.

  1. The Battery Filler. Totally works. Waited until a few hours after the sun went down and the batteries had finished charging. Put the pickup hose in a jug of distilled water. Pumped in at least a quart. I guess they were low. Need to do that more often, I guess.

The yellow valves replace the old caps. The "T" fittings with black hoses with red caps join all the cells into a kind of tree structure. Water goes in one and and flows down all the branches of the tree. Once the cells are full, the little float valves stop the water flow. It's a Flow-Rite Pro-Fill, purchased from

Can't pump the bulb? Good. Batteries are full.

  1. The A/C is at Nauti-Nell's. Maybe someone wants a CruiseAir 16K BTU unit. It was heavy and awkward and painful to get up the companionway ladder. But it's gone and we have storage.

I still have to remove the raw water pump, some writing and some hose. But that's a rainy day job when we don't feel like moving the boat.

  1. Boatlife Life Calk around the chainplates. It barely takes an hour to do the 8 that needed to be done. But now we're covered if it should rain. And we're really half-way through.

  2. The Hole where the A/C controls used to be. Oh. That's hideous.

IMG_1737 ""

What can we do about that?

Wait, we just tore apart three decorative boxes that had teak veneer plywood that matched the interior perfectly. If only one piece could be salvaged. This piece was just barely big enough vertically. It was a pretty haphazard shape. I did my best to square it up aligned with the cabin wall grain.

You can't tell from the picture. But that's okay, you're not missing much.

IMG_1739 ""

Yes, it's just plywood. But. A little sanding and some magic marker around the edge, four screws and we're good to go. We can't move the magazine rack to cover that hole, it's covering the unstained area where the heater used to be.

At some point, we think we can stow the bass guitar in that corner of the saloon.