To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

Great Bridge, VA

Started: Coinjock Marina, 36°20.87′N 075°56.96′W, ICW mile 50.

Docked: The free dock near the Great Bridge bridge, 36°43.25′N 076°14.26′W, ICW mile 12.

Log: 38 mi. Time: 6 hr. Engine: 6 hr.

Except for some drama, today featured a pleasant run up through the rivers and canals of the Virginia Cut (and the North Carolina Cut, too.)

It appears to be time to change the fuel filters. Mr. Lehman started struggling to keep the RPM's at 1700. It's kind of a sudden thing: working fine, then the engine sound switches to a kind of lugging. I'd been watching the vacuum pressure gauge; this wasn't a complete surprise.

I switched the primary filter. No useful effect. The primary filters sparkle because they're so clean.

IMG_2532 ""

A lot of boats have trouble with algae growing in their fuel tanks. We just burned through two full tanks of fuel in about two weeks. Include some oceanic sloshing about, which should rinse any crud from the tank. I think the tanks and fuel lines are in good shape. Let's say "clean enough to eat from" except for the diesel fuel issue. So let's not say that.

That means I'm left with the ugly, messy job of changing the secondary fuel filters. I'll wait until the engine has cooled a bit before I start that.

Tomorrow, Norfolk.



Then we have to decide where we're going for our summer cruise. Maine? Stick around the Chesapeake?


Attribute Value
Depart Started: Coinjock Marina, 36°20.87′N 075°56.96′W
Arrive Docked: The free dock near the Great Bridge bridge, 36°43.25′N 076°14.26′W
Log 38 mi.
Time 6 hr.
Engine 6 hr.