To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

Galley Foot Pump

Part of the Red Ranger Mission Statement is "Using the smallest carbon footprint we can" which -- when you think about it -- is too narrow.

In the Red Ranger song, we sing (in 6/8 with a rolling feel)

       C           C           F            F

And She'll see just as much of the world as she can

  C             C            G

Using just what she needs and no more

     C         C            C7

It's not riches or treasures on which we depend


Be cause who we meet will be come our new friends.


All our good friends on Red Ranger.

Using just what she needs and no more.

Advice from many folks includes "use a foot-pump in the galley so you know exactly how much water you're using to cook and clean."

Ranger's galley had precisely the foot-pump expected. Sadly, however, one of the diaphragms didn't last all the way from 1982 to today.

As with many boat repairs, the contortions required to get this pump out from under they galley sink were challenging.

The first time I took it out was to replace the cruddy-looking vinyl hose with something cleaner. I elected for relatively stiff Polyethylene hose -- a mistake. Vinyl is required to make the sharp corners.

After reassembling (over an hour of pain) it was clear that the pump itself leaked. This requires a rebuild kit.

The second time I took this pump out was to replace the diaphragm, O-rings and valve flaps. It was remarkably painful the second time because I did not remember any of the clever little things I did the first time.

Once it's all laid out, it's generally pretty clear how it goes back together. What's important is having pictures of the disassembly to guide the reassembly

Today we could finish filling all 290 gallons of water tanks, sanitize them with 6 quarts of Clorox, and declare the fresh water system working. Folks seem to agree on 16 oz. of Clorox per 25 gal. of water to sanitize tanks. That's 64 oz. (about 2 liters.) The maintenance dose seems to be just under 1/4 c. Clorox per 100 gal. Since dockside water is already chlorinated, there's no reason to overdo it.

I wouldn't drink our tank water yet; it has so much Clorox that it smells like a swimming pool. However, the power pumps all work, the manual pump works, the valves work, the water source manifold works. The forward head faucet leaks, but -- hey! -- that's just a faucet.

Next up: heads (toilets to you land-lubbers).