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GPSNavX and Yosemite

Upgraded the laptop to Mac OS 10.10, Yosemite.

This leads to many software upgrades.

It leads to GPSNavX not working at all.

Sigh. The Involuntary Upgrade. Unpleasant, but necessary.

I went to the App Store and plunked down my $59.99 for the latest and greatest version.

I open the new version and…





Remain calm. Breathe.

I am a professional.



Stop shouting. It will be okay.

The Commodore asks her calming, soothing question:

"What was the last thing you changed?"


"Stop shouting," she says.

Okay. She's right. Stop shouting.

I went to the documentation and found that the files reside in a hidden folder: my ~/home/Library/Preferences folder. A folder I didn't know existed.

The five relevant files are in there, with dates in the past and sizes that indicate that all is not lost.

What to do?


I can hack around. Or I can remain calm and email the tech support folks.

The answer came within minutes.

Let me emphasize that. Within minutes they responded with a simple copy the files to a new location.

From the old ~/home/Library/Preferences folder, where they remain untouched to the new ~/home/Library/Application Support/GPSNavX folder.

navx files.tiff
navx files.tiff ""

That was it. Nothing much to it.

And they responded to the email within minutes.

None of this "Here's your tracking number, someone will get back to you within 24 hours."

Within minutes. My tracks, routes and waypoints are all back in place.

For only $59.99.