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Team Red Cruising

Fuel Consumption [Updated]

The question arises, how much did we spend on fuel? What's the cost of bopping up and down the coast?

As they used to say, Your Mileage May Vary. If you're planning your first big trip (like we were not so many years ago) you'll need to think through your fuel gallons hour, and your fuel price per hour. Your speed over ground (SOG) varies with current and wind, so sailors tend to work by time not distance.

This requires an analysis of our various logs. The engine log, for example, isn't a simple spreadsheet. That leads to an interesting sidebar in Python programming to parse the Omni Outliner file and create a summary.

Here's what we get as a summary of our expense and engine maintenance logs.

Year Gallons Engine Hours $
2010-Move Aboard 185.5 135.0 ?
2012-2013 632.9 533.6 $3,257.98

The dollars appear to be just diesel. However, our purchase and usage logs don't agree. So, we have to fill in the gaps with assumptions.

Here's the summary, with the all-important gallons/hour number.

| Gallons/Hr | 1.53 | | Average $/Gallon | $5.15 | | Year 1 $/Hr Fuel Cost | $8.17 |

The overall price of fuel reflects buying a lot of this fuel in the Bahamas (at $6.50 per gallon) as well as the US.

The fuel cost is for the 398.6 engine hours the first year.

I have another log book to analyze to figure out how many miles we went. There may also be some fuel purchase information there.