To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

Formal Season Opening

This is different.

Whitby Rendezvous
Whitby Rendezvous at West River Sailing Club

It looks a bit like a church event. Multiple generations. Folks congregating, socializing, forming and strengthening their connections. There's a strong sense of thanksgiving. Not so much worship and praise.

This is West River Sailing Club.

Worship and praise was not entirely absent. A local priest blessed us and the fleet. Specific mention was made of our commitment share and support the waterways for everyone to enjoy.

We sang Eternal Father Strong to Save. (a/k/a The Navy Hymn.) Really. A cappella. It's a difficult tune to attempt without accompaniment. I'm bringing a ukulele next year. It's more-or-less in C major. Except for the tricky chromatic parts in Em. (Is it in Lydian mode? Not simply C major?)

We honored the departed. There was a formal distribution of official flags for the various officers. We raised raised flags and fired the club's 10 gauge brass cannon.

There was excellent food, but not an organized meal.

It overlaps with a church. May it's not all that different.

There's a kid's sailing program. An adult Learn-To-Sail program that meets throughout the summer. A pretty thorough race schedule for the various fleets that call the club home.

Next weekend is the 2017 Spring Regatta. It's surprisingly important. In September, the Internal 505 World Championships will be in Annapolis. As preparation for this race, some of the serious 505 competitors are looking forward to racing in the Bay as often as they can to understand winds and currents. And that means next weekend in Galesville, MD.

World. Championships. I get all tingly. We're just hosting a season warm-up race. But. The idea that folks would be traveling to this little sailing club to tune up for the World Championships is enthralling.

The race committee needs volunteers. While I haven't raced since the 90's (and that was in a Buccaneer) I have a pretty good idea of how this all works. A day on the water managing a race is still a day on the water.