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Team Red Cruising

Family and the USCG Cutter Eagle

Finally got cousin Robert and his wife Cheryl out on Red Ranger. We tried last summer, but there were complicated family issues, and our schedules never aligned.

This weekend was perfect. Light breezes. Not too hot.

And this

USCG Cutter Eagle
The "Eagle"

The US Coast Guard Cutter Eagle. On it's way to Portsmouth, VA, to take on a new crew of officer candidates.

I look a lot of pictures. The point of closest approach was about a mile away, so these are zoomed way in and still don't show much.

Distant Ship
The "Eagle"

This picture offers some on-board context.

Did I take a picture of my cousins? Nope.

Sunday was catch up on some maintenance. Specifically the exhaust riser.

It's wrapped in layers of insulation. Somehow, the outer layer of wrapping — a woven asbestos tape of some kind — had started to come apart. This left little bits of asbestos dust everywhere in the engine room.

I researched for a while and bought 50' of DEI exhaust system wrap.

Here's the 25% done picture

Exhaust Stack Insulation
Re-wrapping insulation on the exhaust stack

On the right is bare pipe covered with wrap. The fluffy stuff on the left is the old fiberglass insulation that wasn't totally falling apart. I wrapped the old fiberglass because it's a good extra layer of insulation.

The DEI folks sell these exhaust wrap locking ties. I couldn't get them to work. I've used good old hose clamps.

Tested the engine. It's warm to the touch, but seems to be working. Now that the fiberglass is all wrapped tightly in the new state-of-the-art wrap, there's going to be less dust deposited all over the engine.

Old fiberglass fuzz
Covering the old fiberglass fuzz with new thermal wrap

Just another day on Red Ranger.