To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising


We've finished most of the "official" documentation process. Jimmy Cornell's book on World Cruising, and his Noonsite web site provide a specific list of documents that constitute the "Ship's Papers" for a small yacht.—DOCUMENTS YOU WILL NEED

The list looks like this.

  • USCG Documentation. No. 648197. See the NVDC site.

  • Dinghy Registration in Commonwealth of Virginia. VA 9695 BS. The DGIF site.

  • Description. Include things like the name of vessel, flag, type (double-headsail ketch), official registration number, gross and net tonnage, LOA (in feet and metres), call sign, name of registered owner, address of owner.

  • Radio License. The US doesn't require VHF radio license, but many other counties do. The FCC Form 605. Don't forget form 160 to get your FRN and the form 159 to submit fees. Each with mystic codes instead of simple checkboxes. Wow, what a bureaucracy.

  • Insurance Cover. I got mine through Charter Lakes.

  • Certification of Competence. Some countries have requirements for this. The Commonwealth has a Boating Safety Certificate. Plus I've got various training certificates.

  • Crew Manifest. Includes things like first name, middle names, surname, date of birth, nationality, passport number and date of expiry of passport.

  • Vaccination Records (and any Health Certificates from previous pratique); prescriptions for medications. This requires some work to track down.

  • Passports.

  • Dive Certification Cards.

  • Exit Clearance from last country.

  • Cruising Permit or Zarpe in those countries that issue them.

Extras. We also have to create two other pieces of artwork.

  • A ship's stamp

  • Ship's Cards

The stamp seems silly. But -- according to many folks -- some officials like to see you stamp documents when you've received them.

The card, however, is essential for socializing.

Right now we don't have masts in the boat. And we need the bottom painted. There's still much to do. But we've got our official numbers. And it's fun to design cards and stamps.

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/Users/slott/Documents/iWeb/Domain.sites2/Boat Card.png
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