To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

Cross-Country Tour, Week 7

We've arrived in Nevada.

History: Weeks 1-4 Cross Country Week 1-4, Week 5 Cross Country Week 5

Where we are now:

  • Week 6 (more or less)
    • Nov 26-29 - Elk Grove, CA, outside Sacramento.
    • Nov 30 - Drive to Carson City via the Donner Pass. Look up the Donner party on your own time.
  • Week 7
    • Dec 1 - We originally thought to see Lake Tahoe. Now we see why the Donner Party had problems.

The trip did not go well.

US Weather Service said "WINTER STORM WARNING" for Greater Lake Tahoe Area from 10PM Nov 30 to 4AM Friday, Dec 2.

We started out, chipper and full of excitement. Until we got past 6,000 feet and the blinking lights said "Chains!".

Then we had to put on chains.

I bought chains a few weeks back in Carpenteria, CA. So, we weren't unprepared.

Putting on the Chains
Putting on the Chains

Here's my learning to put them on. For the historical record it was sunny, warm, and dry. How misleading.

Learning to put on the Chains
Learning to put on the Chains

Today, we put the chains on while squatting in the blowing snow.

We got the chains on. We climbed almost to King's Canyon Road. We had just passed 7,000 feet. The snow was deep enough that it seemed smart to turn around as soon as there was a break in the barrier, and drive right back down.

Looking closely at the topo map, we were almost at the summit. It would have gotten easier on the other side.

Looking at the weather, it wasn't going to get better.

We're fair-weather sailors. Turn around. Go back to a safe harbor. Drop the hook.

Love our Chains
Love our Chains

We got back down just fine. It seems like it will be snowy tomorrow. Maybe we'll drive around Tahoe on Saturday.

I think -- when we get a chance -- I'm going to wash the grit off the chains. Hate to have them rusting in their little blue chain bag.

Next, Southern Utah. Bryce Canyon.