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Team Red Cruising

Counting Down

Thursday the 17th WX info:

--N-bound vessels Bahamas-Florida and the long US ECoast should enjoy benign weather beginning Mon21 or (may be more likely) Tue22 With benign weather (either little wind or maybe modest favorable wind) thru about Sat26 or Sun27.


This doesn't go as far into the future as Chris Parker's forecast, but it shows what we're trying to avoid.

Weather Map
Off-shore wind and wave forecast

The weather on the 20th shows 4m seas (12′) in the area we'll be traversing. We'll be watching that very closely as we close in on the 22nd.

The wind arrows show winds from the NE, which is what causes hellish 12′ seas in the Gulf Stream. If we went 600 miles off shore, we could get much nicer conditions.