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Team Red Cruising

Cleaning and Sailing — Part 2

Yes, we have left the dock. Here's the cockpit, heeled over in 10-15 kt of wind. Beam Reaching down Herring Bay.

Red Ranger Cockpit
Looking a little more ship-shape

And here's the view out on the water.

Boats on the Bay
Boats on the Bay

Sun. Wind. Boats.

We got our reefing lines and lazy jacks squared away. These are hard to finagle into place when bending the sail on. After hoisting it, though, it's easier to make sure everything is in its place.

I have a tendency to overtrim. We were looking at the B&G sail steer display and noting the immense amount of leeway it shows when comparing the boat's orientation with it's heading and the course we're actually sailing.

Also. We've decided on a policy of going below obstacles. This seems to be a lot smarter than trying to pinch up into the wind to go above something. Red Ranger just doesn't point well and we need to factor that into our decision-making under sail.

Some of the confusion is an effect of the location of the compass used by the autopilot. It's on the starboard side of the boat. Being off-center puts a bit of bias into the system that's a little hard to completely factor out.

If I was smarter, I'd measure the distance from center line to compass and do the real math to figure out the offset. (Just guessing based on my recollection of the size of the aft cabin, and guessing at the distance to the mast, it looks like 9° to 14°.)