To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

Bound for The Rendezvous

Started: Mill Creek. 38°19.79′N 076°27.06′W

Docked: West River Sailing Club. 38°50.74′N 076°32.33′W

Distance: 47.8 nm; Time 7 hrs

Diesel: 56.5 gal.

This morning there were four (Four!) buy-boats in Solomon's. I guess it was the buy-boat convention.

We've seen the F. D. Crockett, which is based in Deltaville.

Here's the Muriel Eileen, which we saw this morning.

IMG_1816 ""

There was the Thomas J and two more that I didn't get pictures of. This was a mountain of Chesapeake Bay History in one place.

Back before the roads connected the waterfront towns, the way you bought and sold your goods was via the buy-boats.

Light air day, again. We motor-sailed up the bay. Still able to make extremely good speed with our new paint. Still a kind of Wow!

There seems to be a little weirdness with our alternator cutting in and out. I'm going to tighten the belt, since that's the most common cause of alternator weirdness. The belt is well over a year old and hasn't been tensioned in quite a while.

We're at the West River Sailing Club for the Whitby Rendezvous. Meeting folks we haven't seen in quite a while. Some folks we haven't seen since the last rendezvous. Other folks we saw a few days ago in Deltaville. Others we saw last in Saint Augustine.


Attribute Value
Depart Started: Mill Creek. 38°19.79′N 076°27.06′W
Arrive Docked: West River Sailing Club. 38°50.74′N 076°32.33′W
Distance 47.8 nm
Time 7 hrs