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Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

Binnacle Cover

The 10+ year old binnacle cover finally collapsed. The zipper teeth finally eroded to a point where they wouldn't actually zip. They zipped open one last time.

567D1001-424C-42E8-AB58-64E91A7F2885 1 105 c
567D1001-424C-42E8-AB58-64E91A7F2885 1 105 c

CA made a new one.

The color scheme doesn't match anything.

2D939E90-5AD6-4007-8ED7-F55B3A82A60B 1 105 c
2D939E90-5AD6-4007-8ED7-F55B3A82A60B 1 105 c


It was cheap. We bought it months ago, in LA, at Dorell Fabric Outlet.

CA picked a big bundle of Sunbrella that was of a useful weight and not awful color.

We could have ordered our Red Ranger Jockey Red Sunbrella from SailRite, but, this was cheaper.

The aft companionway slide cover, similarly, was rotting away. CA made a new one.

I forgot to take a picture in the sun. Here's a view in the rain.

The old cover had lost all of it's waterproofness years ago. Water had been dropping from the mizzen mast winch into the hatch cover where it would freeze and thaw. The veneer is a right awful mess in one spot.

Now that we have a dry cover, I can work on carefully pruning away the old veneer so I can epoxy in some new veneer. The grain won't match, but it also won't continue to rot.