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Baby Steps

We didn't learn anything new yesterday. (Not surprising, really.) We're still stuck with this:

Safe Cove Devastation
Safe Cove Devastation

We were sure that the millions of people who endured Hurricane Ian would all have property and casualty claims for every insurance company on God's green Earth. We figured this would mean waiting on hold for 20 hours to initiate claim processing.

Progressive answered the phone with no wait time, and opened a claim based on what little we think we know.

The next step will involve "setting expectations." This makes a lot of sense to us. We know it could take weeks for the boatyard to get the boats back on stands before allowing adjusters and owners in. Right now, the number of unsupported boats means a potential accident waiting to happen if something shifts suddenly.

I figure an hour per boat to get it back on the stands. I'm leaving time for the crew to figure out which one is "on top" and can be moved first. I'm not sure what they can do to disentangle rigging; I hope it's not too difficult to slide a boat a little forward or aft before trying to lift it all the way up.

That's 40 boats a week. If there are 200 knocked down; that's 5 weeks of righting boats. Assuming no subsequent hurricane hits that part of Florida. (It's still hurricane season.)

Plus, of course, photos and an email to the owners. We know of one Whitby owner who's had their boat righted. Safe Cove sent them details.