To see as much of the world as we can,
Using the smallest carbon footprint we can,
Spending the least amount of money we can,
Making as many friends we can.

Team Red Cruising

  • 2024 Commissioning Details

    We started with a big task list. This was based on a great deal of optimism. Optimism that started to look like empty hubris. Optimism that — when it’s gone — leads to some reflection.

    The bulk of the tasks were simple: undo hurricane prep. This means putting equipment back on …

  • 2024 Cruise Retrospective

    This was an emotional two week cruise.

    We went approximately nowhere. We fixed a lot of things. I learned some lessons along the way.

    Week 0

    Our preparation week had to be extended again. Ideally, we'd like to shove off on Sunday, the 21st.

    April 19

    Launch. The rest of …

  • Many Jobs, an After Action Review

    There have been times when they put us in the sling and dropped us in the creek.

    This was not one of those times.

    Red Ranger in the crane
    Red Ranger in the crane

    This is -- in a way -- an After Action Review. Let's start with Intent.

    Launch Intent

    There was a longish list of …

  • 2024 Commissioning

    Mr. Lehman's feeling poorly.

    To tell the whole story, let's roll back the clock. Thereare two kinds of end-of-seasion layup:

    • Wet Slip Winterizing. Put in antifreeze, take in the sails. Take in the running rigging. Maybe rearrange the stuff on deck so it doesn't collect puddles of water and leaf …

  • Starting the 2024 Boat Year

    My little heart is going pit-a-pat as we start preparing for our (very short 2024 cruising season.

    We have three objectives. First, this is essentially sea trials after Hurricane Ian and a year living in Texas.

    I'm confident the solar panels work. The semi-flexible panels on deck are a mess …

  • Leaving Texas

    The (short) 2024 season is almost here.

    We're moving out of Texas, after nine months.

    We have some restowing and rearranging at our base in North Carolina. And then we'll have a month or so on Red Ranger.

    Stand by.

    For now, some pictures of packing the truck.

    This is …

  • Looking at Launch Day

    We're focusing on April 10th, 2024.

    If all goes well, we're bound to arrive Safe Cove Marina on that day.

    We've got about three intensive days of commissioning before launch. (I'll share the list, don't worry.)

    Then we'll need to spend a some time at their dock, where the potable …

  • Leap Day Planning

    As noted in Looking at the future, it's time to start dreaming again.

    For this year, the Gulf Coast of Florida is our aspiration.

    Getting out of Charlotte Harbor would be pleasant, if we can do that.

    I've updated my planning charts to include the Bahamas (for next year) and …

  • Looking at the Future

    It's time to start arm-chair sailing again.

    Our stay in Texas is drawing to a close.

    The sailing season is slipping away from us. It's December to June, more-or-less.

    We think it shapes up like this...

    Sailing Season

    Drive from NC to Florida.

    Clean and launch Red Ranger. Safe Cove …

  • Bottom Paint Alternative

    From a friend:

    (They're not a boater, but they're interested in preserving our planet.)

    Interesting. Leaving a note here for future me to look at in two years.

    Right now, we're hoping to spend maybe a month in …

  • The Technomad Story

    Since about 2018, I've been calling myself a "technomad".

    (There's a portable speaker system with this brand name. Not related. At all.)

    I count myself a member of the group of folks who do high-tech work and live a nomadic life. Here are the two key criteria:

    • I write books …

  • Welcome to 2024

    Status Report. Red Ranger is on the hard in Safe Cove.

    Nothing has changed. Scott looked in on her recently, and reconnected shore power.

    We're still in Texas.

    Here's a factoid that come up in the Whitby Call yesterday.

    The Deck Filler


    Durometer 75

    We have 6 fillers. The …

  • Merry Christmas 2023

    Status Report. Red Ranger remains on the hard in Safe Cove.

    We remain in Texas.

    We have some potential "plans." But. Without many details, plan is too strong a word.

    Meanwhile, here's the Thanksgiving Bloody Mary Bar.

    Bloody Mary Bar
    Bloody Mary Bar

    Many fixings. Many levels of hotness.

    Celery. Pickles, Cheese Curds …

  • Idling in Texas

    Status Report. Red Ranger is on the hard in Safe Cove.

    Nothing has changed. Hurricane season is still in full swing.

    We're still in Texas.

    The picture is from Utah.

    Arches National Park
    Arches National Park

  • More Land Cruising

    Status Report. Red Ranger is on the hard in Safe Cove. She's ready for another hurricane season.

    We've returned from Rehoboth Beach and are on our way to Ft. Worth, TX, for a few months.

    Come November -- and the end of Hurricane Season -- we'll see what the family situation is …

  • Questions and Answers

    Some great questions. And some answers.

    How much time per day / week do you spend on boat upkeep / maintenance?

    I think the sailor (and writer) Beth Leonard said "Cruising is fixing your boat in exotic places."

    The ocean is demanding, and mere human ingenuity isn't up to creating a vessel …

  • The Balance of the Season

    Where will we be for the balance of the 2023 Hurricane Season?

    Traveling on land.

    We've finished all the Hurricane Ian repairs. We're almost ready to go.

    The New Dodger
    The New Dodger

    Plans for 2023-2024 Sailing Season?

    Going to be doing family care. We'll leave Red Ranger high and dry.

    Not much …

  • Goal Achieved: Samuleson Stones

    We're in the Mojave desert. This is an odd place for a sailor. But we've become addicted to desert life.

    At sea, of course, the view in all directions looks alike -- water. During our first few hikes in the desert, we were bedeviled by an "it all looks alike" confusion …

  • Land Cruise Underway

    About a month ago, we had questions about the rig.

    And they were answered.

    We're not there, in case you weren't sure.

    It's almost Hurricane Season. We opted to drive around the US, birding inland locations while we waited from the canvas folks to finish the dodger work.

    We'll be …

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