Hampton Snowbirds Rendezvous Day 1

Breakfast. Presentations. Lunch. Presentations. Dinner.

ICW Overview. Budgeting (and prioritizing). Cheap Docks. Free Anchorages. Radio and Communications. Weather.


Conversations with other boaters about their ICW experience and their plans. Perhaps more valuable than some of the scheduled speakers.

We ran into Utopia again. We met them in St. Augustine; we last saw them northbound in the ICW.

Dinner and a band (Bad Influence) at the Hampton Yacht Club.

Very pleasant. Very informative. 

Also, we won a door prize! Dozier’s Cruising Guide to the Bahamas, 2014 edition. Yes!

And. I took approximately zero pictures of the group we’ve met here. We do have a stack of boat cards, however. 


Yesterday’s Blog Post (Hampton City Marina) garnered useful, informative, helpful feedback.

I replaced the hoses and heat exchanger last year in St. Augustine. Brian will sell you the kit with all the hoses (bends where there are supposed to be bends).  With the proper amount of cussing, bitching and moaning it's doable.


the drill pump I bought barely pumped fluid and it leaked


  • The kit from American Diesel is reasonably complete. I’ll still need 8 quarts of oil and three gallons of antifreeze. 
  • Draining the block is messy and a drill pump may not help much.

So far, so good. 


In our engine spares section, we have a collection of pre-bent fairly large diameter hose that appears to be the essential on-engine anti-freeze circulation hoses. Tomorrow afternoon, I have to sketch out the cooling system and map it to the hoses I’ve got (and don’t have.)

I think I recognize some of these shapes as being part of main water circulation to and from the expansion tank, and too and from the heat exchanger. I don’t know yet; but the big one on the right sure likes like the one from water pump up to the top of the block.

Monday, we’ll push back from the city dock into the river and start ordering parts.

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