Boat Card Rework

As long as we're changing our blog, we might as well redo our boat cards.

We've seen other cards that include useful stuff like a photo of the cruisers involved. Very handy for remembering who they are and where we met them.

Here's the front.

Here's the back.

I keep testing the QR code block to make sure it works.

And, I'm writing blog posts in both blogging tools to make sure things are really working.

Oh. And the boat? Red Ranger is still there.

I'm occaisionally tempted to redo the official ship's stamp. But, nothing dramatic has changed on the stamp, so we'll leave well enough alone there.

Changing Blogging Tools

We've switched from iWeb to SandVox to simplify our blog and make it run much, much faster.

iWeb hasn't been properly supported by Apple for years. We've been muddling along becaue, well, it was already installed and seemed to work acceptably well. Those days are past. Long past.

There are several alternatives for those of us who used iWeb. A web-based blogger is difficult to use when we're travelling because we don't have solid connectivity. There was some buzz that EasyWeb will become available as a replacement. Couldn't wait any longer for that. Another choice is RapidWeaver (or even DreamWeaver.)

I elected to go with SandVox because (in principle) it can scrape content from iWeb and repost it using a new layout. Pragmatically, I may not touch the legacy content. It's still at Team Red Cruising.

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