Team Red Cruising


Helm's a lee! Red Ranger tacking.

This story breaks into several major chapters.  It’s a long blog. Our years start sort of randomly, but generally in spring. There are years and years of stuff here, broken into several big sections.


  1. Travel 2021-2022 is the end of full-time work, and back to live aboard.
  2. Travel 2020-2021 is our return to the Bay. And cleaning up Red Ranger after a year on the hard. 
  3. Travel 2019-2020 contains two cross-country trips. The Bay area to Las Vegas. Boating? Minimal. Travel? Epic.


  1. Travel 2018-2019 starts with the opening of the season. Approximately in July. It ends with ice in the creek in February of 2019. Just prior to leaving the Bay for the desert.
  2. Travel 2017-2018 starts with the opening of the season at West River Sailing Club, April 22, 2017. We’re weekenders, so, the stories are less epic, closer to home.
  3. Travel 2016-2017 starts around April 2016. We live in McLean, now, and Red Ranger is in Herrington Harbour marina.
  4. Travel 2015-2016 covers the April 2015 to about September of 2015. After that, Red Ranger was sort of idle. We lived in Richmond and spent weekends on Red Ranger. Then we moved to McLean.
  5. Travel 2014-2015 covers June 2014 to April 2015. We moved ashore in Richmond after living aboard Red Ranger for two years.


  1. Live aboard Travel 2013-2014 is our second year on Red Ranger. This has detailed coverage of the ICW to Coconut Grove, Florida, and back.
  2. Travel 2012-2013 covers our first year of living aboard. This includes our first trip to the Berry Islands and the Exumas in the Bahamas. This has detailed coverage of the ICW down and back. This starts in August of 2013.


  1. Refit covered 2008 to 2012; a chapter we’ve closed. This section chronicles the three-year refit of Red Ranger from stem to stern.  That part of the story is complete now that we live aboard.

The posts in the Liveaboard sections are generally weekly summaries. Sometimes we’ll provide day by day logging. This helps us to compare our plans against other’s experiences.  We provide it that way for others to use.

Some parts don’t have day-by-day details because, well, not much happened.

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