D+2: Hammond, IN, to Eau Claire, WI

Skipped through a little bit of Illinois. This was a cool parallel with D-Day: start in a huge city and work your way further and further out of town. In this case, It was Chicago to Milwaukee to Madison and then off toward St. Paul and eventually Minneapolis.

This a scenic overlook on I-94. The view is toward the Black River.

Reading about the logging here causes one to wonder what it was like before the forests were cut down.

Dinner at the Northern Tap House. The bartender lived in Midlothian, Virginia, and had specific recommendations for places in Fargo.

As we look at the map of the stops so far, it look like we could — barely — make Fargo tomorrow.

It may be a long drive, and we may not make it *all* the way.

The bartender also reminded us not to fall asleep in ND. 

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