Catching our Breath

Not really. We covered about 3100 miles in about 7 days. Distance is about 440 miles per day. Our top speed was about 75 MPH; the 80 MPH speed limit seemed a bit much for a heavily-laden Corolla. This meant we drove six to seven hours a day. 

Previous vacation driving was always deadline-driven — “Get There Before Dinner!” Most of these have been DC to Schenectady (and back). Nominally 7 hrs, but. The trip threads through the Eastern US megalopolis: four huge cities right in a row. There’s no option for “let’s call it a day around Poughkeepsie."

From our two years sailing on Red Ranger, we learned the joy of not having to travel to a fixed schedule. We made this entire trip with no advanced hotel reservations. Because it wasn’t peak season, we didn’t have to make any reservations, and found a room each place we stopped.

Today our reservation at the Air B&B starts. This will last until the apartment is ready.

The boxes we shipped are here. The car is here. Now we’re waiting for a few days.

After seeing Northern Arizona and Southern Utah, we’ll be going back there to get some pictures. Stay tuned.

For example, Utah and Idaho have volcanoes. It’s a ten hour drive to Hell’s Half-Acre. Allow two days up, a few days for hiking, and two days back, that’s a week-long vacation. The trick is to find a place to stay in the greater SLC area or Wells, Nevada.

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