Travel 2014-2015

Visiting and Working

The crew of Red Ranger has been working. Mostly in Richmond, VA.

And visiting Portland, OR.


And working. Business travel took us from Portland, OR, to Richmond, VA, (for just 18 hours) to Wilmington, DE.

How does this round of vacation-to-business travel compare with life on Red Ranger?

1. When traveling off the boat, you have to pack stuff in luggage. You have to plan — in advance — what clothes and shoes you’re going to need. You can’t just root through the various lockers looking for something. Worse, every day is not simply “another T-shirt and shorts” day. Work requires clothes that are unstained by diesel.

2. You can go huge distances in a big hurry when you don’t have to move Red Ranger around.

3. We miss the morning dinghy rides. It is fun to just step out of the hotel in Wilmington or the Bed & Breakfast in the Alberta Arts District of Portland. It’s fun to be able to simply walk back to the B&B along Alberta Street without having to coordinate between the two of us. But. No dinghy ride. Sigh.

Next week, CA goes to Rehoboth Beach, DE. Since leaving for the delivery of Puffin, three weeks ago, I think she’s spent maybe three nights in the apartment in Richmond.

Why settle down? What’s the point?

Puffin in the Missippi River

CA spent five days at sea.

Gerry and she brought the boat safely from Marathon Key to  Cypress Cove Marina in Louisana.

From 24.79075°N, 81.14516°W  to 29.2486°N, 89.3606°W.  About 514 nautical miles on a course that averages 301° T, or NW by N.

CA reports that they burned a LOT of fuel. More than she had expected, based on Red Ranger’s performance in the early spring up the Atlantic coast. (See Epic Northbound Voyage, Part I and Epic Northbound Voyage, Part II.) We think Red Ranger might have burned about 100 gallons of fuel to motor that distance. Puffin used close to 250 gallons.

Of course, Red Ranger was going with the Gulf Stream, so that may have eased our fuel consumption quite a bit. We may have had a cleaner bottom and prop. We may have had more favorable wind.

CA Delivery 1

There are a lot of unknowns. But CA's safe and sound.

[Update: added a picture of CA sleeping on deck during her off watch time.]

Delivering Puffin

CA’s status on the Puffin delivery:

This shows her various noon positions as they move the boat.

Whitby Rendezvous 2010

More Moving In

Hoping to be weekenders. But. There were problems.

Back in June, we moved one car-load (small sedan car: trunk and back seats) from the boat to an apartment. This included a lot of clothes and some essentially galley and head supplies.

On July 5th, we moved one more little sedan trunk-load of stuff from boat to apartment. Mostly clothes. Some Floating Leaf supplies. There’s a little bit more to move ashore. Not much: guitars and some additional hobby things.

We were hoping to make a big July 4th cruise with some pictures of Cheaspeake Bay scenery.

We had two problems:

1. Hurricane Arthur made the Bay into a right mess on Friday, limiting our cruising.

2. The Whitby 42 Puffin.

The owners of Puffin have also been moving from boat to shore. In their case, settling in Texas. That means moving Puffin in two stages: Cumberland Island, GA, to Marathon, FL. Then Marathon, FL, to Galvaston, TX. Two long trips. 

CA is going to be crew on the Marathon to Galveston leg. She and the delivery skipper will be going up the Florida coast to New Orleans, taking a quick break, and then New Orleans to Galveston.

Consequently, we spent the weekend getting CA's offshore kit organized and getting her on a flight to Marathon. I’m hoping that I’ve reset the SPOT Tracker to capture her positions along this trip. Otherwise, I won’t know where she is until she checks in when they get near shore.

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